Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Two More Reasons not to Visit Atlanta

Out of the many thousands of reasons not to visit Atlanta, two more emerged this week. I would particularly recommend that college students make a point of enrolling elsewhere.

My advice: if you've never been to Atlanta, don't bother. Take it from someone who spent forty years of his life there.

Update: Another day, another college student shooting, only this time, the college student shot and killed one of his would be attackers (oh, sweet justice). Would that he had killed them both. This all occurred in College Park, a suburb south of the city. For those not from Atlanta, if you must send your kids to school in "the Big A," for God's sake, don't set them up in College Park. There are no colleges in, around, or near, College Park. A misnomer, much like Peachtree Street (no peaches).

And yes, full disclosure (as the journalists so annoyingly say) I not only grew up in Atlanta, but went to college there as well (Ga Tech). But nobody ever shot me, and I never shot anybody either. Salad days.