Thursday, March 22, 2007

There'll always be a Germany

"Animal rights activists argue that he should be given a lethal injection rather than brought up suffering the humiliation of being treated as a domestic pet."

In what amounts to a kind of four dimensional mind-fuck of which only the Germans are fully capable, animal rights activists in the "Blood and Iron" Republic, sorry, that would be the Bundesrepublik Deutschland, are demanding the execution of Knut, a cuddly little polar bear cub, on the grounds that - his existence having been tainted through human contact - he is fit now only for the Gaskammer . . . err, sorry, the executioner's needle.

According to the article:

Activists argue that it is inappropriate for a predator, known for its fierceness and ability to fend for itself in the wild, to be snuggled.

"The zoo must kill the bear," said spokesman Frank Albrecht. "Feeding by hand is not species-appropriate but a gross violation of animal protection laws."

Well, if he's been snuggled, what the hell, a quick bullet through the skull should take care of that.

When Knut and his brother cub were born, they were neglected by their mother (and how these "animal rights activists" must have swooned in admiration over her steely indifference to the mewling cries of her starving cubs). The cub brother (the weakling, natürlich) died, but the zoo's staff stepped in to feed and care for little Knut.

Mein Gott! How dare they encroach upon the will of nature in the unending battle for survival!! A gross violation!!! Most unforgivable!!!!

To carry on with our Teutonic tale:

" . . . Albrecht and other activists fret that it is inappropriate for a predator, known for its fierceness and ability to fend for itself in the wild, to be snuggled, bottle-fed and made into a commodity by zookeepers.

They argue that current treatment of the cub is inhumane and could cause him future difficulties interacting with fellow polar bears. "They cannot domesticate a wild animal," added Ruediger Schmiedel, head of the Foundation for Bears."

I guess his "fierceness" having been compromised, he can never truly earn his place in Bear Valhalla, where he might - in an eternal ecstasy of bloody triumph - rend seal flesh with his glistening fangs, as his prey shrieks and howls in horrid agony.

What glory this must be!

Just who were these cowardly interlopers who first thrust the milch bottle between those noble jaws? And how dare they claim to be the "keepers" of the bears.

Even Achen zoo director,Wolfram Ludwig, had the following to say:

"I don’t think it is right that he should grow up fixated on his keeper and reliant on him for everything. He will not be a proper Polar bear.

"But I also think it is too late to kill him now: the courage to do this should have been found sooner."

Ah, so it all comes down to "courage" in the end. Most appropriate, don't you agree, mein Kamerade? The will to do the unspeakable, isn't this ultimately the mark of the Überbear, and of all those who would defend his dignity? To the death . . . to the death.

In my previous post, I alluded to Europe's twilight and eventual demise. In light of these events, I am now reconsidering this prognosis.


Theodore Breehn said...

Zis vould never have happened if der Fuhrer had not been hounded to his death. You have it all wrong. Der Fuhrer vas a big teddy bear himself.

Anonymous said...

Of course, the little Knut's (is this a misprint?) mother having, herself, been kept in captivity is what? An example of a naturally existing Polar Bear?
Shouldn't she also be killed? Let's have a zoo Kristalnacht.

Perhaps the REAL reason that all those Jews were killed was not because they were Üntermenchen, but because, having been held in captivity and cuddled by their SS guards, they were in danger of becoming fixated (as opposed to being asphyxiated) and thus, likely to have become tainted, and so reliant upon their human captors. The Führer, obviously, would not have wanted them to suffer such an indignity.
does the little Knut have gold teeth by any chance?

togo said...

And they keep telling us that the Germans are filled with self-loathing. Maybe so, but that doesn't stop them from remaining German. The really proficient self-loathers are the Brits.

Anonymous said...

The Germans don't have to indulge in self-loathing - every other country in the world (except Austria) is quite happy to do it for them.